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Jim offers a commitment to quality and high-performance environmental living in his homes as one of the few Graduate Master Builders involved in green building.

Welcome to my website! Take a few moments to browse around – I’d like to share with you some of my thoughts on building houses and some pictures of my work. Download our presentation for a more in-depth look at who I am and what I can do for you.

Your home is your castle – it’s your single biggest investment and it’s the center of your life. Whether you are starting from scratch or remodeling an existing home, you want it done right, you want it done like you want it, and you want it done to your budget and on time. And that’s exactly what I do!

As a Graduate Master Builder with a lifetime of construction experience, I have the knowledge and passion to deliver a beautiful home of lasting value and comfort that is customized to your unique lifestyle. I’ll personally make sure that your new home will perform to the highest standards that will keep you and your family healthy and secure. I’ll guide you through the many decisions you’ll make and make sure that we use all of our resources wisely and effectively. I am committed to your satisfaction throughout the construction process and I offer an explicit warranty after the sale that’s backed up by a nation-wide insurance company.

So come on inside and see for yourself what Jim Rush can do for you!

Austin Energy Green Building Custom Builders USA - Austin Graduate Master Builder EPA Certified
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All of Jim's homes have a standard for high–performance. But what is high-performance? High-performance is about measurable parameters and judging how well your home works. It's about minimizing your carbon footprint. It means building a well sealed home to ensure proper air quality. And making sure you don't pull your hair out for ten minutes waiting for the water the heat up. High-performance is about increasing comfort and health. And getting more return on your investment. High-performance is about you. And so is Jim Rush.